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Parts of the House

Keep each area of your house interesting and unique by choosing the right materials, theme and aesthetic.

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    How To Use A Stud Finder

    Hang pictures with confidence by finding the stud you’ve been looking for.

    Marvin Windows Gives All Employees A Paid Week Off

    One of the biggest window manufacturers in the country is shutting down operations for a week to give its employees...

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    Plaster vs. Drywall: What’s the Difference?

    Drywall is the standard wall covering in North America, but plaster is making a comeback. Compare them before starting an...

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    We Tried the Tineco Floor Cleaner and It Changed How We Clean Our Floors

    In just five minutes, the Tineco floor cleaner changed the way I clean my floors.

    How to Prevent Bird Strikes on Windows

    We know sometimes birds strike windows, and it's much worse during migration. Here are a few simple things you can...

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    7 Types of Crown Molding for Your Home

    Whether big and bold or understated, crown molding enhances the transition from wall to ceiling. Which of these seven options...

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    How Much Does Crown Molding Cost?

    Consider crown molding costs in light of your budget and DIY skills. Install it yourself, and spend the money you'll...

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    How To Choose Windows for Your Cabin

    Six tips to help you choose from a wide variety of windows for your cabin.

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    7 Best Paints for Windows

    Want to transform window panes, glassware, vases and other glass objects? You can do it with paint, but not just...

    If You See a Front Porch With a Separate Door, This Is What It Means

    In Charleston, South Carolina, front porch "hospitality doors" helped neighbors know when it was OK to stop by.

    Family Handyman Approved: Zircon HD900 MultiScanner

    An easy-to-use stud finder and scanner, ideal for all levels of DIYer.

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    Smokeless Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

    Learn how you can keep your smokeless fire pit in top shape for years of enjoyable, smoke-free gatherings.

    What to Know About Buying Windows

    When shopping for windows, you'll find seven basic styles and at least seven important considerations. Knowing these makes you a...

    How To Babyproof a Fireplace

    Protect young children from fireplaces and flames with these smart and easy tips, straight from a professional babyproofer.

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    How To Clean Fireplace Brick

    Keep your brick fireplace functioning well and looking good inside and out with these tips for how to clean fireplace...

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    Tips for Fixing a Leaking Skylight

    If your skylight's leaking, often you can do the repair yourself. First, you have to figure out where the water...

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    Homeowner’s Guide to Skylights

    Let the light shine! Put a skylight in your roof to lower your energy bills, bask in the mood-enhancing rays...

    6 Exterior Window Trim Upgrades

    If you're looking for quick, inexpensive ways to improve your home's curb appeal, start with freshening up the windows. Here...

    5 Eye-Catching Window Painting Ideas

    Whether you like going big or prefer something more modest, these paint tips will give your windows a little extra...

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    Best Flooring Options for Your Bathroom

    Whether you're building from scratch or remodeling an existing bathroom, choosing the best flooring for your bathroom is essential.

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    Add Character To Your Home With These Interior Wall Trim Ideas

    Transform your blank walls with these gorgeous wall trim ideas including wainscoting, board and batten, accent walls and shadow box...

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    8 Inspiring Crown Molding Designs and Ideas

    Add architectural detail and elevate any room in your home with these creative crown molding ideas from Instagram.

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    9 Modern Interior Window Trim Ideas

    From color to material to style, there are tons of choices for interior window trim. These ideas are a modern...

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    8 Modern Crown Molding Designs and Ideas

    Ornate trim can make a room feel heavy and outdated, but modern crown molding can help you achieve a sleek,...

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    What to Know About Tubular Skylights

    Tubular skylights can provide natural light in rooms where it wasn't possible before. Learn more here.

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    How to Choose Interior Window Trim

    A guide to interior window trim to help homeowners make the right choice.

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    What Is Crown Molding?

    Crown molding can elevate an entire room. Which style is right for your home?

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    How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel for Thanksgiving

    Make your home extra cozy this Thanksgiving. Here are our top tips for beautiful mantel decor.

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    How To Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

    Are you ready to host overnight guests?

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    How To Use Expanding Foam at Your Cabin

    Thinking about using expanding foam for pest control at your cabin? Learn all about spray foam and whether it's the...